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This unique and thoughtful collection of essays provides the reader with an array of creative uses of film and video in teaching and learning. Film and video are natural hooks in engaging learners. The authors of this book have provided a wonderful entry that uncovers theoretical, practical and philosophical bases for integrating film and video throughout the curriculum in multiple settings. –(Professor Merryl Ruth Goldberg, Harvard Graduate School of Education & Wheelock College, USA)This is a very important and timely book. The use of film and other screen media is ubiquitous and is accelerating. The book offers a wide range of international perspectives on this phenomenon exploring film as language, a way of researching and an increasingly popular means of creative expression and finding a voice, especially with young people. The pedagogic value of film and media literacy is clearly demonstrated and the reader will find excellent scholarship and practical, inspirational ideas for the use of film in educational settings. This book will have the power to change teaching and the way the curriculum is perceived. –(Professor Shaun Hugh, Expert in Educational Leadership and Management, University of Worcester, England)

About the Author

Maher Bahloul is the Director and General Manager of an Education Through Arts Institute – Maher Language Institute (MLI) – which he founded in 2007 in Paris, France. MLI has been holding language sessions and promoting learning through filmmaking Dr. Bahloul holds a PhD in Linguistics from Cornell University, New York, USA, and a Masters’ degree from the Sorbonne University, Paris III, France. He has taught in a number of graduate and undergraduate programs in the United States, North Africa, and the Middle East. He has also presented papers and conducted workshops in international conferences such as TESOL, ALS, INTED, IVACS, IATEFL. At MLI, he focuses on promoting language learning through bilingual video-project productions, especially films. Dr. Bahloul is currently an Associate Professor of English and Linguistics at the American University of Sharjah. Carolyn Graham is the creator of Jazz Chants, which connect the rhythm of spoken American English to the beat of jazz. She developed the technique of jazz chanting during her twenty-five years of teaching ESL in the American Language Institute of New York University. She has also taught at Harvard University and has conducted workshops in the NYU School of Education, Columbia Teachers College in New York and Tokyo, and elsewhere throughout the world. She has also worked with regular and special needs learners. Ms. Graham is the author of numerous Jazz Chants books, all published by Oxford University Press.
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