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The Director in the Classroom provides the “Why” for digital video in the classroom in a clear and concisely written book. The book first looks at “Why” filmmaking is an important tool in 21st century classrooms and then explains, step by step, “How” filmmaking projects take shape in the classroom by developing ideas, forming a plan, filming, editing and presenting the final film in the classroom and beyond. At every step, it examines how the filmmaking process fosters the development of personal, social and higher-order thinking skills. Over 25 filmmaking black line masters are included in digital form, ready to use and adapt in your classroom. “The best production handbook for teachers that we’ve seen!”-Center for Media Literacy One of the best, practical texts on digital storytelling and using filmmaking in the classroom written to date.-Wesley Fryer,

About the Author

For over a decade, Nikos Theodosakis has worked with students and teachers from Kindergarten to College exploring the opportunities of filmmaking in the classroom. As a filmmaker, he has produced and directed short and feature length films including “The Date” which received Canada’s Genie Award nomination for Best Short Film. He is an advocate for meaningful education and is the architect of the InStill Life, Preserving Your Culture and The Director in the Classroom projects and author of “The Director in the Classroom” He is founder and executive director of the OliveUs Education Initiative Society, a non profit organization that provides rich learning projects around the world that promote personal connection, purpose and meaning. He is one of only twenty five entrepreneurs in Canada to receive the Financial Post Best Partnerships award for innovative leadership in connecting business, arts and education. Nikos Theodosakis shares ideas at education conferences around the world and presents professional development workshops via videoconference from his studio in British Columbia.

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